Shipping information

We try to keep our shipping cost matrix as simple as possible - we have managed to do that so far. We currently send our parcels by DHL and DPD.

Please also note that depending on the country of delivery (e.g. Switzerland) there may be a fee which may be charged by the respective logistics company for customs clearance. We kindly ask you to inquire in advance.

For more information on delivery to a specific country during the Coronavirus Pandemic, please visit the DHL website:

Overview shipping fees

CountryCostfree limit
DHL Germany4,99€49€
DHL Austria9,99€150€
DHL European Union12,95€-
DHL Abroad EU25,00€-
DHL Premium Abroad EU50,00€-
DPD Classic Germany3,99€49€
DPD Classic Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands*9,99€-
DPD Classic Denmark, Liechstenein*12,95€-
DPD Classic France, Monaco*16,95€-
DPD Classic Poland, Slowenia*18,95€-
DPD Classic Portugal, Spain*22,95€-
DPD Classic Croatia, Latvia*26,95€-
* this shipping option will only appear if this is the ceapest or only possible way to ship the parcel to you