Melos Pflanzenöl-Seife Honig (100g)

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Aus reinen Pflanzenölen - mild und pflegend - Honig

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Melos pure plant oil soaps are crafted from pure, high-quality palm, coconut oil and olive oil (not distilled fatty acids) in the time-honoured soap boiling tradition. They do not contain any animal fats. They are especially gentle on the skin and produce a rich, creamy foam, even in cold or lukewarm water. They are deep cleansing and leave the skin soft and supple. Melos pure plant oil soaps contain moisturising wax cream, herbal additives and a fragrant blend of essential oils.

Made by Speick: 100% free from preservatives and mineral oil-based ingredients. Glutenand lactose-free except Buttermilk. Vegan except Buttermilk and Honey. Basic care. With RSPO certified palm oil from sustainable cultivation.

A member of FONAP (Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil), we are committed to the sustainable cultivation of oil palms and do only use certified sustainable palm oil.

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